Track your shipments real-time and worldwide

  • Location tracking, tracing and logging
  • Incident alerts: geofencing, temperature, drop, air pressure, humidity and many more
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Nothing to worry about: we guide you through the process from A to Z

How it works

Screens PackStatus

Grip on location & condition of shipments with PackStatus®

“Thanks to PackStatus I can track and trace my shipments worldwide and take action immediately when neccessary.”



Track and trace your product not only at the beginning and end point, but also during transport, everywhere in the world. Monitor all movements your product makes and see exactly what is happening thanks to the different sensors.



Get alerts when your product goes off-track or when one of the sensors detects a problem in your shipment. You can directly react to developments and solve problems quickly.



The data and insights that are obtained via PackStatus give you the opportunity to identify bottlenecks in your logistical processes and to tackle them in the core. In this way you keep control over your supply chain.


On the PackStatus platform you can track and trace your shipments worlwide and real-time via a powerful GPS service. In the user friendly online environment you can set up when and in which way you want to be informed on the location of your product.

Route monitoring

Next to the real-time monitoring of your shipment all location data is stored in PackStatus. With this log you have valuable input for the evaluation and optimization of your logistical operation.


With PackStatus you can create a “fence” (geofence) around a location, route or area. You will get a signal on the very moment your shipment moves inside or outside this geofence.


The basic function of packaging is to protect its content. However, circumstances can occur where the content is damaged. By continuously measuring and reporting potential harmful factors you are immediately informed when things go wrong or are about to go wrong. In this way you are able to take preventive or corrective measures.

PackStatus can monitor:

Sensor temperature Sensor movement Sensor vibration
Temperature Movement Vibration
Sensor shock Sensor air pressure Sensor light
Bump Air pressure Light
sensor humidity sensor open close sensor_temperature
Humidity Open/closed Sound

How it works

PackStatus is a smart combination of devices, a data subscription and a web portal.
No complicated or expensive software installations are needed. Quick and easy implementation!



Nothing to worry about

PackStatus is unique. We guide you through the process from A to Z:




We collect all your demands. Based on that we give you an advice on the optimal use of the devices in your situation.



We set up the system for you and we take care of the installation of devices in your products or packaging. You can immediately get started on managing your alerts with your personal login.



We make sure that you and your employees learn how to work with the system. In this way you will take full advantage of all features.