GPS tracking & sensoring devices


A flexible device

At PackStatus we work with a GPS and sensoring device that can be completely configured to your specific wishes.
Of course we will help you to come to the optimal use of the devices in your situation.

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What can be measured?

* Condition

multi sensor

  • Get information on the condition of your shipment:
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Open / closed
    • Drop
    • Accelerate
    • Shock
    • Sound

* GPS - logging

gps logging device

  • Create an historic log of GPS positions per time interval which you read out afterwards. You have no data usage with this option
  • Send GPS positions periodically, including logged positions, per time interval
  • Set the interval for logging according to your wish

* GPS - location


  • Get information on the location of your shipments
  • Set the frequency to receive GPS locations
  • Low energy consumption

Battery life

The more messages you send per day, the more energy is consumed. In the table below you find an estimate of the influence of the number of messages per day on the battery life of the device.

Tracking mode Battery life
(differs per device) *
1 location per day 25 days
6 locations per day 10-15 days
1 location every 10 minutes 2-5 days
24 hour almost real-time (6 x p/min) 1-3 days


* The life of a battery heavily depends on the GSM signal strength at the moment of reporting.
E.g. in an isolated trailer or a metal building the battery life will be shorter compared to other environments.


Extra battery

To extend battery life an extra built in battery is an option. Contact us for more information.

Intelligent devices

All devices are equipped with a motion sensor. By linking the 'motion sensor' with the 'sending frequency' on the device, we ensure that when the device is in motion, GPS positions are regularly sent . If there is no movement, the device goes into sleep mode and will run on a battery-saving program. Both the frequency to move and the sleep mode are settable by the client if wished.


Nothing to worry about

PackStatus is unique. We guide you through the process from A to Z:




We collect all your demands. Based on that we give you an advice on the optimal use of the devices in your situation.



We set up the system for you and we take care of the installation of devices in your products or packaging. You can immediately get started on managing your alerts with your personal login.



We make sure that you and your employees learn how to work with the system. In this way you will take full advantage of all features.