Web portal

Control tower

The PackStatus web portal is the central "control tower". Simply login with your personal username and password and you have complete overview on the location and status of all your shipments.

Configure everything to your wishes via the intuitive interface:

Worldwide overview

Get a worldwide overview on the location of your shipments at that specific moment at a glance.

Route Tracking

The covered route from beginning to end point will be shown from the moment a shipment starts moving.


Quickly get an overview of the historic data to do trend analysis. Available per device.



Create one or more virtual “fences” that give you a signal on the very moment your shipment moves inside or outside this geofence.


Look in the sensordata to see the conditions your shipments are and have been exposed to during transport. E.g. temperature, shocks, light, humidity, etc.

Real-time alerts

Configure the PackStatus portal to alert you realtime per SMS or e-mail the moment a defined threshold value is exceeded.

Give access to your customer

A unique feature of PackStatus is that you can send a "link" to your customer from where they can track the shipments that are coming to them. This informs your customer in an optimal way and he experiences that you are completely in control. We are glad to help you with that.

You can give your customer access to PackStatus per device ór per group of devices. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Nothing to worry about

PackStatus is unique. We guide you through the process from A to Z:




We collect all your demands. Based on that we give you an advice on the optimal use of the devices in your situation.



We set up the system for you and we take care of the installation of devices in your products or packaging. You can immediately get started on managing your alerts with your personal login.



We make sure that you and your employees learn how to work with the system. In this way you will take full advantage of all features.